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[ESP] Primera demo editada por Become Wrath, una banda de Madrid con miembros de ON, Clan Infecto, Terroristars, El Ego, Another Kind of Death y Khmer.

[ENG] This is the first demo released by Become Wrath, a band from Madrid with members of ON, Clan Infecto, Terroristars, El Ego, Another Kind of Death and Khmer.


released September 11, 2011

All songs and lyrics by Become Wrath. Recorded, mixed and mastered by Iván Ferro at Kollapse Stvdio (Madrid, Spain) in 2011.

Artwork by Mario C. Vaises.

Become Wrath are:

Fruiti | bass
Toro | guitars
Xorth | guitars
Drumblaster | drums
Vaises | vocals



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Become Wrath Madrid, Spain

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Track Name: 1,000 Heads
No matter how many heads we cut off,
they grow back... again and again.
It has been there from the beginning of time,
but I can't believe that this creature lives eternally.

A crimson river flows at my feet.
All I can recall is this bloodshed.
It has been there from the beginning of time,
but I can't believe that this creature lives eternally.

It might be my own reflection on Lerna's lake,
but in any case, this monster has to die.
Heroes yield and then we know there’s nobody else.
Hold the firebrand high. This monster has to die.

Try after try and fail after fail. We can't go back.
We can't retrace our steps. Not without a wreath.
Track Name: Dogs from the Past
Now we have to run; we have to hide;
we have to jump over barbwires.
I feel the death scenting my trail
under the shroud of a freezing night.

Now we have to fear; we run to retreat;
we have to dig up old trenches.
All the alarms are screaming my name,
but all I can hear is my runaway breath.

Wild eyes are chasing me.
Animals hungry for freedom.
How to know we're going to forget
so soon to repeat the same mistakes.
The signs were clear, but we averted our eyes
and now they bring dogs from the past.

(But the future is ours)
Track Name: March On
We march on over the ruins of this town.
We march on until there’s nothing left.
We march on knocking down the fences.
We march on crashing like a storm.
We fall at night like an icy spear,
a furious wind that sweeps this land away.

We march on, just like the dogs of Hades.
We march on, growing on scorched earth.
We march on, get out of the trenches.
We march on, straight to victory.
This is only justice in clothes of tragedy.
We’ll take the snakes out of the snake pit.

We can resist the stamp of the empire.
We write our fate with the naked hands.
We can resist, listen to me.
We write our fate and nobody else can.

We can resist, listen to me.
We'll write our fate with these hands.
That's the meaning of democracy.
We are the mob and we are the guillotine.
With these hands.
Track Name: New Tyrants
A grey sky is hovering over us.
Sheep’s clothes are piling up by the pulpits.
And meanwhile, do we sleep in the shade of a menacing past?
We forgot our own history, did we?
Hail to the new tyrants.

There's no place for us in this New World Order.
There's no place for us... not in our land.

Get back the meaning of your life (take your revenge)
Recall the spirit lost. If you look straight into the dark,
you'll see the eternal flame of resistance.
We went deaf to proclamations.

We went deaf to that crude propaganda.
All we can hear is the rabble. All we can hear is the rage on the streets.